how online marketing can help your growing business how online marketing can help your growing business

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how online marketing can help your growing business

Do you own or manage a business that could be doing better? I have been trying to make a go of my business for about four years, and I couldn't figure out why my sales weren't increasing as time went by. I began learning about marketing the business and found that what I was missing was the valuable tool of online marketing. I hired a professional marketing team to help me create an online marketing campaign and things have really turned around. To find out about online marketing and how it can help your growing business, take a minute to visit my website.

3 Tips For Improving Your Freelance Writing Business

As a freelance writer, developing a business mindset is difficult but necessary to advance in the field and gain steady work. Learning to effectively market yourself and branch out into related fields will help you gain more opportunities and increase work flow.

Know The Value Of A Website

Many freelancers, especially those who earn most of their money on content platforms, do not have a website. Having website not only allows you to express your creativity, but also gives businesses a chance to find you. At minimum, you should have a little information about your skills, a few writing samples, and a contact page. Ideally, you should have a blog on your website. Remember, your audience will be both people who are looking to hire a writer and your peers. Therefore, you should create content for your blog that appeals to each group. You may want to discuss the newest writing and productivity tools that are helping you in your business. Additionally, create blog posts that help businesses improve their marketing. The business marketing aspect of your blog increases your authority on the subject and may translate into new writing projects so businesses may want to hire you for your expertise in the area.

Creating and maintaining your own website also forces you to become more competent in the area of website management. As you become more comfortable with managing websites built on familiar platforms, mainly WordPress and Joomla, you may feel comfortable enough to offer this service to potential clients. The more services you can offer clients, the more you can expect to earn. Offering package deals to clients, such as a specified number of blog posts and website management, may be more attractive to them than hiring multiple people for those tasks.

Engage In Social Media

Just like any other business, having a social media presence is critical for increased visibility of your brand. If you have invested time in your website and create new content at least weekly, you can use social media as a way of disseminating that content to new people. Another benefit of staying active on social media is that it is another avenue to find work and long-term clients. Use the search function on different social media platforms to look for keywords related to writing or other services you offer. Something as simple as a person posting a tweet about needing a writer could be what you need to find the next client.

To effectively use social media, you will need to use social media management software to help you manage multiple accounts and schedule posts. A common mistake when utilizing various social media platforms is registering for numerous accounts but not being active on each one. Many free or low-cost tools allow you to manage five or fewer accounts. It is best to rely on social media platforms that are conducive to your type of business. LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter are likely the most relevant to writing, social media management, and other services you may offer.

Utilize SEO

If you have been a freelancer for a while, you have likely written content about search engine optimization (SEO) for others. Use your knowledge about the subject to enhance your own business. Take advantage of SEO practices to help your website appear in search engine results and to improve the visibility of your social media posts. Not only do you want to focus on clients that may be looking for your services nationally and internationally, but it is important to market yourself to local businesses. One advantage to using local keywords in your posts or website content is your familiarity with the geographic area. This can be attractive for businesses that are location-dependent, such as real estate agencies, restaurants, and medical practices. To learn more about SEO, contact a social media marketing company.

When you are a freelance writer, effectively marketing yourself can make the difference between sporadic work and long-term contracts. In addition to writing, find related skills that can make your services more attractive to potential clients.