how online marketing can help your growing business how online marketing can help your growing business

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how online marketing can help your growing business

Do you own or manage a business that could be doing better? I have been trying to make a go of my business for about four years, and I couldn't figure out why my sales weren't increasing as time went by. I began learning about marketing the business and found that what I was missing was the valuable tool of online marketing. I hired a professional marketing team to help me create an online marketing campaign and things have really turned around. To find out about online marketing and how it can help your growing business, take a minute to visit my website.

Three Keys To Success For The Busy Working Mom

Running your own business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. When you're an entrepreneur and a single mom though, that requires a lot of multi-tasking, organization, and support systems. Here are three tips to help you successfully wear all the hats a busy single "mompreneur" needs to. 

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Sometimes women feel like they need to do everything themselves. They become convinced that micromanaging is the only way to make sure everything that needs doing gets done. Or, they think if they want something done right, they feel they need to do it themselves. This attitude can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed.

To avoid burnout, determine in which area(s) you are struggling to keep it all together. It may be that transporting your kids to all of their extra-curricular school activities is running you ragged. Maybe keeping up with the housework is proving difficult, or tending to payroll is too much. Once you have narrowed where you need assistance, arrange for the help. Hire a chauffeur for the children. Advertise for a maid to come in once or twice a week. Add a personal assistant to your team.

Network With Other Moms

If you are struggling in certain areas, chances are you're not the only "mompreneur" who has the same issues. Developing relationships with business women who are also committed to their role as a mother can help reduce your stress load. Women can be extremely empathetic and supportive of one another, and when you surround yourself with strong role models who know exactly what you are going through, life can feel less pressured.

Join the local women's groups in your area. Check on social media sites for organizations specific to women business owners and working mothers. Check with your Chamber of Commerce for a list of organizations that are geared toward the small business owner.

Take Time For Yourself

Don't put your own personal needs on the back-burner. You may have extremely busy days, but schedule time for you. You can't skip breakfast day after day, living on coffee to fuel you, and not expect it to eventually take a toll on your health. Commit to going to the gym two or three times a week. Prepare healthy meals. Treat yourself to the occasional massage, facial, or manicure. Your kids and your business are depending on you to hold it all together, and if you become rundown, you won't be able to.