how online marketing can help your growing business how online marketing can help your growing business

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how online marketing can help your growing business

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4 Features To Include On Your New Investment Firm Mobile App

If you own and run an investment firm and are interested in boosting sales, have you considered creating a smartphone app? Apps are becoming a standard part of life for many people, and offering an app could help you gain new customers and expand on services with your current customers. If you're interested in this, here are four important features you should include on your new smartphone app.

Deposits and transfers

The first feature your app should have is one that allows customers to transfer money into their investment account. With this feature, you may have a better chance of customers investing money with your firm, and it would make it simple for your customers to do this.

Whenever money is transferred through an app, it's always important for the company to take every precaution possible to ensure that the money transfers happen safely. You may need to consult with an online marketing company to find out how to do this, and to learn about the options you have.

Change account features

The second thing your app should do is allow customers to make changes in their investment portfolios. This could include the following types of changes:

  • Modifying the amount of automatic investment purchases each month
  • Canceling or adding automatic investment purchases each month
  • Changing the funds they are investing in

Allowing investors to make changes to their accounts right from their phones makes these tasks easy and convenient, and these are two important features to people today.

Tips and strategies

A good investment firm app should also include a section that teaches investors tips and strategies to use for investing purposes. This could include a list of recommended stocks to purchase, or it could include information about the benefits of monthly contributions into a retirement account.

You could also include links to informative articles about investing, or you could include details about what is currently going on with the stock market.


Finally, you might want to include a financial calculator that helps investors determine how much they need to save monthly to reach a goal, or to see how much they will have when they retire if they continue making contributions to the account.

There are so many benefits of offering mobile apps, but they can also be costly to create. You may want to look into a do-it-yourself app building program, or you could hire an online marketing company that boasts the best app developers to do this for you.