how online marketing can help your growing business how online marketing can help your growing business

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how online marketing can help your growing business

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Staying Organized And Maximizing Efficiency - Times To Utilize A Gantt Chart In Your Google Calendar

The development of technology and ubiquity of handheld electronic devices has made the ability to instantly access information extremely important. Unfortunately, many times, too much focus is put on the speed of the information and not enough focus is on the ease of digesting it. Maximizing the efficiency of your Google Calendar planner is one method of increasing that ease.

Below, you'll find a guide to some times you should integrate a Gantt chart into your Google Calendar. Following these suggestions will allow you to stay on time and on task, and committing yourself to a clear, legible, and effective calendar setup will be a huge benefit to you and those you work with.

Remote Work

Modern work and school projects often involve many group members who are spread out across a wide variety of geographic locations. This can make it difficult to organize tasks and assign responsibilities to group members, so having a clear and legible calendar that outlines due dates is extremely important.

A Gantt chart will highlight the main task that needs to be completed while bunching supplementary tasks around it. This will allow the members of your group to have an easy visual reference to the tasks they need to complete, and will allow you to stay organized when you're attempting to coordinate multiple people.

Consistent Schedules

As mentioned above, the demand for instant information has unfortunately not coincided with a demand for accurate information. It's important, then, to highlight information that's unlikely to change and make that a centerpiece of your strategy for planning tasks from your calendar.

Because of the way that Gantt charts visually represent data, they're very effective for projects with schedules that are unlikely to change. If you can trust your knowledge of the attached nuance, having a quick visual reference to your responsibilities can be an extremely effective method of keeping yourself on track.

Big Picture Thinking

If you're extremely detail oriented and unyielding in terms of micromanaging, a Gantt chart may not help you schedule tasks. However, for most people, it's far more important to have a big picture understanding of your responsibilities and be able to shuffle things as you see fit. In these instances, a Gantt chart in your Google Calendar is extremely effective. You'll be able to quickly and easily see what big projects need to be knocked off of your plate, allowing you to have a better idea of the way you need to plan out your responsibilities.